Blue Zone forever was founded by owner Joyce Schrijver after years of searching for a suitable skin care cream. Due to eczema and allergies it was impossible for her to find an adequate cream for her sensitive skin.

The name and vision of the company are inspired by the Blue zones across the world. These are areas on Earth where people are living longer, and perhaps more importantly, are healthier than in other areas on Earth. These people are said to be happier and have their own natural and balanced way of life, which is unusual in today’s society.

This view is a main principle of the company and we have deliberately chosen to only work with ingredients that are natural and organic to not pollute the body nor the environment. Blue Zone forever sells organic creams for normal, dry and mature skin. We also sell a baby cream named Baby Bliss. The creams contain no known allergenic substances, perfume, parabens, petroleum, silicone, or dyes and are not tested on animals.

logo-eu-agriculture-biologique All our organic ingredients have the EU organic certificate.

If you are looking for a pure cream that contributes to your health and happiness, choose Blue Zone forever.

Joyce Schrijver-Vendrig