Argan oil is also called liquid Moroccan gold. This because the argan trees are only growing in this country, the nuts are cracked by hand and the oil has a healing effect on the body.

The Phoenicians were already aware of the power of argan oil. Around 1219 BC even a scientific article was written about it. But also without ‘scientific evidence’, the Berber women knew, intuitively and based on their experience, that it was good for their well-being. It was not without reason that they called the argan tree the ‘tree of beauty’ or the ‘tree of life’.

Argan oil has properties that fight fungi, inflammation and free radicals. Argan oil contains a lot of vitamin E, squalene and sterols which play an important role in moisture retention and the restoration of the skin’s moisture balance. It prevents scarring and relaxes the skin in case of psoriasis, eczema or itching. The polyphenols in argan oil have an anti-allergic effect and are also a natural anti-inflammatory.

Because of these properties, we use the argan oil in several creams from Blue Zone forever. The day cream for more mature skin, the night cream for dry skin and in a special argan cream containing an extra high dose of this rich oil.