The name and vision of our company in body care are inspired by the five Blue zones in Sardinia (Italy), Okinawa (Japan), Loma Linda (California), Nicoya (Costa Rica) and Ikaria (Greece). These are areas on Earth where people are living longer, and perhaps more importantly, are healthier than in other areas on Earth. These people are said to be happier and have their own natural and balanced way of life, which is unusual in today’s society.

The Blue Zones do not have one secret, it’s a combination of factors that make that the residents are feeling so well.

In Okinawa for example they say ‘Ikagai’. This means ‘sense of purpose’ and is evident to Blue Zoners. It is also known that Blue Zone residents have a good social network. Older people are part of a community and often live with their children at home or in the neighborhood. They love having a party.

Alternatively, the Blue Zoners also know when to relax. Stress is hard to find in the Blue Zones. The inhabitants do not lead a busy life, they are not living with their agenda or mobile phones and there are no targets or deadlines. There is time. Time to take a nap, to have a chat to the neighbor or to meditate. Good sleep, at least eight hours a night, is most natural in the Blue Zones.

Blue Zoners do not go to the gym. They live outside a lot and take their exercise, for example, to grow their own vegetables. The food varies from Blue Zone to Blue Zone. Of course it matters whether you are in Costa Rica, Italy or Japan. But the common denominator of all Blue Zones in the world is that they eat pure and no processed products from the factory. What the older people have in common is that they eat mainly plant based food such as fruits and vegetables. Beans are regularly on the menu and meat only a few times a month. They do not use wonder herbs, there is nothing special in the water and they do not have superfoods. It’s all about a healthy active lifestyle without stress but with healthy food.

Because this lifestyle appeals to our company ‘Blue Zone forever’, we also try to work as a community, we take time for introspection and we only work with 100% natural and organic ingredients. In this way we hope to spread the lifestyle of the Blue zones into the Western world.