As the name obviously suggests, this oil is pressed from the seeds of grapes. The oil is hence a by-product of wine making. The wine is made by pressing the juice out of the fruit and leaving the seeds behind. These seeds are then crushed, and the oil is extracted from them.

This extraction of oils can happen in multiple ways. Blue Zone forever only uses cold-pressed organic oil, because in this way it retains their wonderful benefits. The oil has been in existence for over 6,000 years and was used to treat diseases related to the eye and the skin.

The vitamins C, E, minerals and antioxidants help protect the skin from external influences, help small wounds heal faster, does not clog pores and inhibit acne. The essential fatty acids are necessary for skin barrier functioning. They draw deep into the skin and balance the skin’s long-lasting moisture level. This fatty acid may help reduce inflammation in the skin’s middle and outer layers.

Grape seed oil penetrates your skin quickly and never leaves your skin feeling heavy with oil. Blue Zone forever therefore uses this oil in the Day cream for the Normal skin. It gives the skin a radiant, silky healthy glow and even the most sensitive of skin types can use this cream with abundance.